Аnс𝗂еnt Аnunnаk𝗂 С𝗂tу 200,000-уеаr-оⅼԁ Fоunԁ 𝗂n Ѕоutһ Аfr𝗂са (video)

A metropolis has recently been discovered in South Africa, about 93 miles from the port of Maputo. The metropolis dates back to 200,000 years ago.

According to scientists, this metropolis will be part of a culture that was founded between 160,000 and 200,000 B.C. and will be a much bigger one. The two researchers who continue the investigation are Johan Heine, a regional pilot and firefighter, and Michael Tellinger.

Johan was one of only the two who had the ability to study this metropolis from the air and claimed that their prestige was so high that it was even difficult for citizens to see the remains of their true worth.

Based on the photos and objects gathered during the inquiry, the data suggest the likelihood of an ancient culture residing in those territories. If this finding materialized further, it will certainly entail a dramatic shift in the history we recognize today.

Tellinger finds this construction to be the oldest ever constructed on Earth, framed as a metropolis built more than 200,000 years ago by an ancient civilization. This culture will have been the oldest on Earth, the ancestor of all subsequent cultures. Some assume that this civilization is really the Anunnaki.

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