37 Stunning “Tropical Style One-story Home” Designs in the midst of nature

Tropical home style, also referred to as tropical modernism, provides a blend of modernism with island living aspects to produce a combination of clean architectural lines and the use of vibrant natural wood materials, flora, and lighting.

Notably, the style is famous for its use of low overhang ceiling and roof designs as well as the casual but high-end luxury feel of living. Many detailed aspects are borrowed from local customs and habits, which vary depending on which island the specifics are borrowed from.

The basis of the style, no surprise, is rooted in tropical settings and styles. Lighting and natural plant colors are essential for the style to come into play after the architecture has been finished.

The total combination is a unique mix of visual and sensory stimuli with very light or white colors for the structure, vibrant deep colors provided by plants and similar placement, and framework and furniture providing rich browns and burgundies from tropical trees.

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Be Hieu