39 Thai-Inspired Kitchen Design Ideas That Are Light, Airy, and Well-Ventilated

When homeowners consider kitchen ventilation, particularly those who have never built or remodeled a kitchen before, they consider the removal of smoke, steam, grease, and smells.

Indeed, a well aired kitchen mitigates them, but ventilation serves an even more vital role: it improves interior air quality.

Steam, smoke, gas fumes, and other contaminants may steadily wreak havoc on the quality of the air in your house if you’re not cautious. They cause pollution, exactly like the air pollution we see outside.

Don’t overlook the advantages of natural ventilation through a cracked or open kitchen window. This is a good way to get some fresh air into the house, which is something we often overlook in an era where central air conditioning is the standard.

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Be Hieu