51 Gorgeous Meaningful Rib Tattoos for Women

Rib or side tattoos are sexy and elegant. From big to small, elaborate to simple, these rib tattoos for ᴡᴏmen will inspire your next ink.
It makes sense why rib tattoos are growingly popular. For those who want a discreet tattoo, the rib is perfect. You have to wear a swimsuit to show it. That’s why the rib cage is a canvas to let your imagination run wild and go bold.

The rib cage is also a placement that compliments the body’s silhouette. For example, a side tattoo can be positioned right by the bones. Or, when it stretches from the back to the front, it highlights the waistline.
At the end of the day, a good tattoo is a combination of three things: the look, the meaning, and the placement. A tattoo will be stunning and timeless when the three elements come together perfectly.

So here in this post, you will find a collection of rib tattoos for ᴡᴏmen that meet the standards. If you are looking for ink that impresses, keep scrolling.

Disclaimer: This tattoo collection is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.
Stunning rib tattoos for ᴡᴏmen
Flower rib tattoos for ᴡᴏmen
Flowers are common elements in feminine tattoos. In general, they represent beauty, positivity, and life. But the symbolism varies by species.

If you want an elegant, girly tattoo on the rib cage, flowers are a great option. You can tweak the shape to make it flow with the bone ‘structure. Whether big or small, they are equally beautiful, giving you the freedom to be creative. Below is a list of flower rib tattoos for ᴡᴏmen. Keep scrolling to find your next ink.

Small black rose rib tattoo
In general, roses symbolize beauty and passion. However, depending on the color, the meaning may vary. That’s why a black rose is a smart choice. When it has no specific color, it creates room for imagination and gets people guessing.

Cherry blossom rib tattoo
Cherry blossoms make great tattoos for girls for both their mean Ing and aesthetics.

They only bloom for a short while, which makes them rare. And it also reminds us that life is short, and we must live every moment to the fullest. In terms of the look, their petals are small. But these pink girly flowers are a charm when they bloom together.

Small girly flower tattoo
The skin on the rib cage is pretty thin. If you are sensitive to pain, small tattoos are a better idea.

But small doesn’t mean simple. This small flower tattoo has everything: the details, the anatomy of the flowers, colors, and shadows. All these elements together make a tiny tat gorgeous.

Minimalist flower outline rib tattoo
Outline tattoos are designed for those who value simplicity over complexity. A small flower rib tattoo like this one might not be eye-catching. But it’s the simplicity that makes it timeless.

Simple roses outline rib tattoo.
While most fine line tattoos are black, they can also be colorful. For example, this rib tattoo combines pink, red, purple, and green. They may represent the different life possibilities or sides of the wearer’s personality. And the position complements the body shape as well.

Stunning flowers rib tattoo
Rib tattoos are not visible in common settings. When you have a rib cage tattoo, you must wear a bikini to show it off. But if you want higher exposure, move it a little up to the side of the boobs. This way, people can have a sneak peek of your that when you wear tank tops.


Red spider lily rib tattoo
Unlike most flowers, the red spider lily has a darker symbolism. It represents death and reincarnation. Thus, red spider lily tattoos are for those who understand life deeply.

Red flower tattoo
Despite the mean Ing, red spider lily tattoos can be the perfect motif to show your personality because of their unique shape and look.

Blue rose rib tattoo
Most roses are pink and red. And blue roses are definitely rare. Besides the mean Ing, the tattoo also has everything you want in body art: details, perfect coloring, shading, and texture. So, if you are a sweet girl that has an edgy side, you will rock this look.

Abstract black flower rib tattoo
In nature, flowers are rarely black. That’s why I never thought they would look so good in black and grey.

A radiologist once examined flowers under x-ray. Though the images were black and white, every detail was highlighted.

This lily tattoo is inspired by the experiment. And it makes perfect body art for those who want simplicity with just the right number of details.

Simple vine tattoo on the rib cage
We see vine tattoos a lot on the rib for a reason. It’s simple but goes well with the shape of the ribs. The curves also elevate the wearer’s charm.

If a small vine tattoo is too simple for you, consider adding flowers to give it extra pizzazz.

Leaves rib cage tattoo
Plant tattoos are widely popular. And this stunning body art under the boob shows you why. By layering the leaves to follow the body curves, the tattoo acts as a beautiful decoration for the body. It’s both alluring, unique, and sexy.

Porcelain leaves rib tattoo
In real life, bamboo leaves are green. By switching the color to blue, this rib tattoo stands out from the crowd.

Full side floral tattoo
Feeling adventurous? opt for a full side tattoo. With such extensive coverage, the tattooist has all the space to be creative.

But a full side tattoo can also get too complicated and overwhelming. By keeping the entire design black, this rib tattoo maintains its elegance and femininity.

Dainty name tattoo
Name tattoos are not just simple but also personal. For example, a name may represent yourself or a loved one. But if a name tattoo is too specific, opt for initial tattoos. They are equally simple but less literal.

Leaves rib tattoo
When getting your first tattoo, it’s always wise to start small. A leaf tattoo like this one will be a good option. And you can always add new elements if you want to expand your current tattoo.

Black and grey fish rib tattoo
Koi fish represent wealth, wisdom, and freedom. And a koi fish tattoo shares the same attributes as the fish. On top of that, the way it moves freely gives the tat a flowy feeling, making it perfect for those that aim to break the rules and limitations.

Devine one-word tattoo
Want to keep it simple? Try to come up with a word that represents you and your value. For example, the one-word tattoo “divine” says a lot about the wearer’s personality and how she wants herself to be. It’s not just personal but also empowering.

Moon and rabbit rib tattoo
In Chinese folklore, the jade rabbit lives on the moon and is the companion of the moon goddess. When the tattooist combines the two elements, the tattoo immediately relates to the tale.

However, whether you know about the story or not, this small rabbit tattoo is still cute and girly.

Small moon and flower tattoo
The moon is probably one of the most popular motifs in feminine tattoos. Moon phases, in particular, signify the changes in life and emotions.

The tattooist replaces the moon in the center with a flower symbol. It’s unexpected but, at the same time, makes the tattoo unique.

Goldfish rib tattoo
It requires a thorough understanding of colors and composition to create real ism tattoos, especially on tricky placements like the ribs. This gorgeous goldfish does exactly that. It also reveals the wearer’s value of flexibility and resilience.

Birds rib tattoo
There are no rules for choosing a motif for rib tattoos. However, if you want your tattoo to look real and lively, moving animals like birds or fish may be a good idea.

Minimalist butterfly rib tattoo
Butterflies are another element that brings life to static body art. In this unique butterfly tattoo, the tattooist lines up the butterflies following the curve of the body part. The idea is bold. But the results are worth it.

Self-love tattoo
The relationship with yourself is the first and longest relationship. And the way you love yourself shows others how to love you. This self-love tattoo is the perfect reminder to always put yourself first and embrace your qualities and imperfections.

New beginning quote tattoo
The rib cage is a blank canvas, and possibilities are endless. So why not put an inspirational quote on the skin?

The script in this tattoo reads, “here’s to a new beginning.” It pays tribute to a new life chapter. And the combination of different fonts shows how much thoughts the artist has put into it.

Crown tattoo on the rib cage
Why be a princess when you can be a queen? This cute crown tattoo on the side is perfect for strong, fierce ᴡᴏᴍᴇɴ who know what they want.

Cute childhood rib tattoo
Have you ever put your teeth under the pillow and waited for the tooth fairy to collect them? This cute little side tattoo looks like something that belongs to the fairy. And it may bring you back to the good times in childhood.

Minimalist stars rib tattoo
There aren’t many patterns as simple as a star. But with the radiating shape, star tattoos can be small and still eye-catching. If you are getting your first tattoo and don’t know where to start, consider adding that bling to your skin.

Butterfly rib tattoo
Egg, larva, pupa – each butterfly must go through these three metamorphoses before spreading its wings. And as humans, we have to go through ups and downs to become the best versions of ourselves as well. That’s why butterflies resonate with us so much.

If you are on a glow-up journey, you are the perfect person to rock a butterfly rib tattoo.

I love you more.
Unlike wrist or finger tattoos, ink on the rib is more visible to the viewers than to the wearers. Therefore, it can be an ideal placement for message tattoos, just like this sweet love quote here.

Oriental tiger tattoo
In Eastern countries, the tiger is a symbol of power and strength. Such an empowering oriental tattoo will belong to ᴡᴏmen determined to conquer obstacles and make their way to the top.

Matching best friend rib tattoos
Mountains, forests, and the moon are common elements in travel tattoos. They show the wearer’s passion for exploring the unknown. If you and your bestie share the same value, consider getting matching bff tattoos like these here.

Till we meet again
Most memorial tattoos are portraits. But portraits can be challenging to pull off on the rib cage.

In this case, quotes are a better option. Take this tattoo, for example. It pays tribute to a loved one. “Until we meet again” is a heartbreaking line to say goodbye to someone that passed away. But it also brings closure to the living. The complicated emotions behind this tattoo make it personal and irreplaceable.

Pink and purple butterflies’ tattoo
Butterflies make great rib tattoos because of their versatility. You can line them up to follow the shape of the bone or scatter them on the entire area.

Flowers and snake rib cage tattoo
Snakes might be considered a symbol of evilness and greed in the West. But in eastern cultures, snakes are divine creatures representing protection, fertility, and femininity.

This snake floral rib tattoo inherits the mean in of both sides: feminine and strong, beautiful but dangerous.

Feminine snake rib tattoo
Snake tattoos aren’t always intricate. Despite the lack of lighting and shading, this simple design impresses with clean lines. The way the snake intertwined with the moon gives the tattoo a whimsical feeling.

Cat tattoo
A cat playing with the small flies is not just cute. The Japanese mask also reveals the wearer’s root, making the tattoo meaner infula and personal.

Intricate rib tattoo for swimmer
For some people, their tattoos represent their proud identities. That’s why nurse, firefighter, and teacher tattoos are popular. This intricate small rib tattoo, however, reflects the pride in a subtle way.

The tattoo belongs to a swimmer. So, in the design, the tattooist uses the waves to represent swimming. And the cosmic elements give the tattoo just enough details to shine.

Snake rib tattoo
Colors and objects are two deciding factors of a tattoo. This tattoo shows how to combine your favorite color and the object of your choice. On top of the vibrant colors, the curvy body shape also creates flows on the rib cage.

Oriental ornament rib tattoo
A Noriega is a type of traditional Korean accessory. But recently, it has gained wide popularity in tattoos, especially in eastern countries. This is because it not only honors one’s beauty. The tattooists can also be creative with the patterns and colors.

Golden ratio tattoo

Tattoos are all about self-expression. A tattoo like the golden ratio may speak to you if you value balance and elegance. It also works for designers, pain tars, and architects who always seek perfection.

Badass rib tattoo
The rib is not big enough for a detailed portrait tattoo. This one, however, only has an eye, a mouth, and a nose. The girl depicted here is crying blood, giving this tattoo a visual impact.

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