A gold mine on Treasure Mountain with a billion-year history


The consequence of a billion years of geological movement and erosion, “treasure mountain” is rich in platinum, gold, and other precious metal ores. The Kondor Massif Mountain, according to Siberian times, is rich in valuable metals. Every year, around 4 tons of platinum are mined here.
The Kondor Massif is located in Russia’s distant Khabarovsk area, 600 kilometers southwest of the Sea of Okhotsk and 570 kilometers southeast of Yakutsk. This geological feature has an 8km circumference and a height of 600m, making it about 7 times the size of a meteor crater in Arizona, USA.

From above, the Kondor Massif appears to be an old volcano or a remnant of a meteorite mрасt. Experts believe the massif’s unique shape is due to Moten magma from volcanic rock that crystalized beneath the earth more than a billion years ago, making a complete circle.

Long-term ground erosion in massifs. The Kondor Massif, which is harder than the surrounding soi, is the top surface Ede of a column of granite that steadily sinks into the earth’s crust and the remnants of a partially eroded dome. A stream runs from the massif’s interior, fed by water from the melted snow near the rim. Several smaller streams emerge from the rim, feeding the Kondor River on the north face.

These springs include platinum deposits in the form of crystals, pearls, and ingots, as well as gold and a variety of other valuable minerals. Some crystals have sharp edges, while others have rounded edges. In particular, the Kondor Massif is home to many of the world’s finest gold-plated platinum crystals. Each year, up to 4 tons of platinum are mined here. As a result, Kondor Massif is also known as “treasure mountain”.

As a result, little streams extending from the rim contain platinum deposits in the form of crystals, ingots, and grains, as well as a variety of other valuable metals and precious stones. They are regarded as the “best ever discovered” in the world. This treasure mountain also contains a unique mineral called Konderite, which is a combination of copper, platinum, rhodium, lead, and sulfur.

The mining of plutonium in the Kondor Massif began in 1984, according to Siberian times. Platinum crystals from this massif Aso were first seen in 1993 at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show in the United States. Each year, around 4 tons of platinum are mined here.

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