A pregnant man gives birth after one night ‘Grindr hook-up’ and becomes a ‘seahorse parent’

After giving birth to a baby girl, a man who became pregnant from a one-night Grindr hookup is getting used to being a “seahorse father.”
Before learning he was expecting in February 2020, ash Patrick SCʜade, 28, had spent two years transitioning.
He believed that using estrogen and testosterone blockers would prevent conception.
To carry and give birth to his daughter, Ronan Shiva, who is now one, he had to cease his treatments as soon as he learned the excellent news.

The father of one, who had struggled with his gender identity for as long as he could remember, was eager to establish his own family as a seahorse parent and claimed that his pregnancy had helped him get through the pandemic.
a gestational parent who identifies as transgender or non-binary is known as a “seahorse parent.” The word is derived from seahorses, in which the male gives birth to and carries the young.

The PhD candidate from ʜᴜntington, West Virginia, and his 28-year-old husBand Jᴏrdan, a full-time stay-at-home step-dad, are now co-parenting their son Ronan.
I was taking testosterone gel and estrogen blockers at the time I got pregnant, and I never thought I might considering how unusual it is.

Due to going through a divorce, I was going through a difficult time in 2019 and 2020 and had mental health issues.
In the end, I engaged in Grindr hookups and unintentionally became pregnant.

ash’s pregnancy was difficult, and he regularly ran across a lack of knowledgeable, understanding medical experts.
Few attorneys were interested in taking my case when I first discovered I was pregnant.
It was such a high-risᴋ situation, with many different ways the pregnancy could go wrong.

I had difficulties with the pregnancy, particularly because of the pandemic.

The doctor I was given, however, worked with me to comprehend how I was feeling and what I was going through after he was assigned to me.
The medical team was fantastic when I went into labour because they had already been briefed on my circumstances, however, they were later replaced by other staff members.

One of them must have been sᴜrprised to see my hairy legs in the stirrups because they told me, “Perhaps you should reconsider your gender identity.”
as she becomes older, ash is eager to share her birth story with Ronan.

When others approach him to inquire about whether Ronan’s mother is in the photo, he also takes pleasure in enlightening them.

The entire time, I want to be upfront and honҽst with Ronan and let her know that trans males can sometimes become parents.
She can hear me explain how I’m both her father and her mother.

When we are out and about, people frequently stop us and remark that her mother must be beautiful or, if I’m with Jᴏrdan, they ask where we adopted her.
as a result, when I first explain everything to them, the dialogue is generally pretty intriguing.

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