After Dad Lion tries to punish Cub for biting his tail, Lioness gives the Man a Real Earful

We refer to him as the king of animals because of him. With his towering mane and terrifying growl, the big lion is truly threatening. Nonetheless, it is evident from the images below that a lioness is in fact the dominant animal in this scenario. I suppose, at least in this family!

A family of lions at the Washington National Zoological Park experienced some drama. The reason was a straightforward playfight between the father lion and one of his unruly cubs. After things had gotten out of hand, the mother had to intervene to restore order. We have never witnessed a male lion toe the line in front of a lioness, just like this father did. A 42-year-old amateur photographer named Jennifer Lockridge has captured the humorous situations in a series of images.

As the young cub seized his father’s tail and bit it, the large lion tried to teach him a lesson, but the young cub instead received instruction from his soulmate. As her male tried to correct the baby, the lioness, who must be admittedly had a little of attitude, brutally reprimanded him.

Lockridge, who frequents the zoo primarily to observe the lion family, was in the ideal spot and captured the ideal moment to capture this contentious debate. On a very tranquil day in the lions’ environment, a violent cub named Lusaka bit the father’s Luke’s tail.


Luke has only recently been permitted to play with his child, and Lockridge remarked, “I really loved observing their interaction.” The Wildlife Refuge’s lion pride, which comprises of seven cubs from two separate mothers, is all descended from Luke.

The cubs, who have grown more courageous, approach Luke without thinking and try to play with him. I don’t believe he understood she was chewing his tail because he didn’t seem particularly enraged. Lusaka frequently chews the tails of her siblings and adults.

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