Beautify your nails with these 40 beautiful green designs.

I hope you love the emerald green nails I chose for today as much as I do! This manicure offers both matte and glossy textures, perfect for those who can’t decide on the polish finish. The matte emerald nails are kept simple, while the white accent nails feature shimmer and intricate nail art designs.

For a minimalist and abstract nail art, you can opt for quirky, squiggly lines drawn in different shades of emerald green. The negative space adds to the chic factor of this manicure.

If you want a simple emerald green manicure that you can recreate at home, a shimmery emerald green polish might be just what you need! No additional designs or nail accents are necessary as the sparkle will be more than enough.

Looking for something festive to wear during the holidays? This Christmas-themed emerald green manicure will be perfect for you!

One of the best combinations with emerald green nails is a matte finish paired with rhinestones, creating a stunning, bejeweled look.

Another minimalistic emerald green nail design features a dainty leaf design. It’s subtle and not too eye-catching, and you can use a nail sticker for easier application.

Instead of the classic French tip, you can try a reverse French tip by painting the base of your nails a different color to highlight it. Adding a glittery polish for extra sparkle and contrast makes it one of my favorite emerald green nail designs for the holidays.

If you want to add more color to your emerald green manicure, you can use gold foil instead of polish to create a gorgeous abstract design.

Here’s a stunning and shimmery emerald green manicure you can request at your next nail salon appointment. The design alternates between fully polished nails and modern French tips using emerald green and white hues.

For accent nails, negative space with a dainty leaf nail art can provide a classy and chic aesthetic.

For a whimsical and marbled effect on your emerald green manicure, try asking for this design at your next nail salon appointment. You can also incorporate gold flecks from foils for an added sparkle.

Here’s another gold-flecked nail art design that can inspire your next nail appointment. It has an understated yet festive feel, perfect for the holiday season.

If you’re looking for more holiday-themed nail art designs for your emerald green nails, this tartan/plaid nail art might be just what you need.

For a modern take on emerald green nails, you might love this abstract nail art design. You can also incorporate other shades of green for a more interesting finish.

Nail designs aren’t exclusive to glossy finishes. You can achieve a gorgeous matte, marbled nail art as an accent to your emerald green nails. It’s one of my favorite emerald green nail designs for a Slytherin look.

For a beautiful green and gold manicure, consider getting a gold-flecked accent nail to instantly upgrade your regular emerald green nails.

If you prefer an easy emerald green manicure that you can recreate at home without much fuss, a shimmery accent nail like this one might be perfect. I love how deep and rich these colors are!

If you’re unsure about using a lot of emerald green and still want to try the color, you can opt for a similar design. It uses minimal emerald green accents on top of an off-white base color.

For an all-matte emerald green manicure, you can choose this design. It’s not too complicated, and you can use a nail sticker for your accent nail.

If you love nature and want to incorporate those themes into your manicure, this design is perfect for you. Emerald green will give your nails a beautiful jewel-toned effect.

This minimal gold-flecked emerald green nail is perfect for anyone who prefers a simple manicure. It’s easy to do yourself and suitable for everyday wear.

Here’s an emerald green manicure that’s perfect for the fall season. The leaves and overall earthy color scheme give a cozy vibe.

If green and gold aren’t your taste, perhaps emerald green and silver will suit you better. This elegant marbled nail art is absolutely stunning!

The deep, rich emerald green color is gorgeous, especially when paired with long, pointy nails and accessorized with gold and bejeweled accents.

For a frosty look on your nails, this muted emerald green shade is perfect for the winter season!

I absolutely adore these matte emerald green nails topped off with incredible black linework.

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