Because to the extremely short chain, the dog was unable to even rest her head. After being saved, she is now happy.

We all enjoy happy endings, but just as in every novel, we must also consider the difficult beginning, according to merely something.

This is the tale of Cala, a mechanic’s guard dog in San Jose, Costa Rica, who was pitifully restrained to a chain so short that she was unable to breathe or rest her head. She was malnourished and in bad health, with sores.

She was thankfully saved and brought to the Territorio de Zaguates shelter, where she is now gradually healing. Then Cala encountered still another challenge. Someone with little compassion attempted to break into the shelter and feed the dogs poisoned sausages.

16 dogs perished as a result, and Cala experienced neurological issues. We are pleased that she has finally found a family that will treat her well and encourage her to restore her faith in others after conquering the obstacles. Learn Cala’s moving tale by looking at the photos below.

Cala has endured this dreadful circumstance for a long time. She is unable to breathe properly or rest her head.

Finally, concerned neighbors stepped forward and transported Cala to the Territorio de Zaguates.

Cala was in such horrible shape that it was almost too late for her.

She was so emaciated and racked with sores when she was brought into the hospital that she was unable to even stand.

Cala’s rehabilitation process was protracted and excruciatingly painful for her.

Cala wasn’t just poor physically, she also had trouble trusting people and even other dogs.

Despite the difficult and long rescue process, the rescuers were very eager to help her.

Thankfully Cala was back in shape!

But regrettably, as she recovered, she faced yet another challenge.

Someone with no compassion entered the shelter and fed the dogs poisoned sausages.

With the incident, they killed 16 dogs and caused neurological issues for Cala.

Being a tough dog made Cala battle for her life until she was able to get past her issues.

With her loving new family, Cala is currently having her finest life. She is now prepared to regain her trust.


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