Dancing Lollipop Lady Becomes a Superhero with Her Own Action Figure and Comic Strip by Marvel Artist

Sandy Cox, a 56-year-old woman from Doncaster, West Yorkshire, has received a remarkable honor as she is now the proud owner of her own action figure and comic strip designed by none other than Marvel artist Will Sliney. This recognition comes as part of a celebration of “everyday heroes” in the United Kingdom.

Known as “Mrs. Lollipop” at her school, Sandy Cox was bestowed with her own action figure by Marvel artist Will Sliney, who used advanced 3D printing technology to create the stunning model. Alongside the action figure, Sliney also crafted a comic strip depicting Mrs. Cox’s daily work routine.

In the comic strip, Mrs. Cox is portrayed leaping into action, declaring, “My name is Sandy, and I’m one of many everyday action heroes.” This depiction showcases the dedication and enthusiasm with which she carries out her responsibilities.

As part of an initiative by Unison, the largest union in the UK, Mrs. Cox is one of four local government “superheroes” who have been granted their own action figures. This recognition highlights the remarkable contributions made by individuals in their communities.

Mrs. Cox initially stepped in as a crossing warden at Maltby Lilly Hall Academy in Rotherham when the original warden fell ill. Her temporary role quickly turned into a permanent position, earning her the endearing nickname “Mrs. Lollipop” from the schoolchildren.

In addition to her duties, Mrs. Cox brings her own flair to the job, engaging in a lively dance routine with the schoolchildren every Friday. She said, “I was already working at the school as a dinner lady, and I thought, ‘that could be fun.’ It just evolved from there, and I got a permanent contract. I absolutely love it. I love seeing the children, and I’ve made lots of friends with parents, grandparents, and carers.”

Receiving her own action figure and comic strip is a testament to Mrs. Cox’s dedication and the positive impact she has made on the lives of the children and their families. This recognition not only celebrates her as an individual but also pays homage to all the everyday heroes who go above and beyond to make a difference in their communities. Sandy Cox, or “Mrs. Lollipop,” truly embodies the spirit of a superhero, spreading joy and ensuring the safety of children with her energetic and caring presence.

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