Black mother-of-three gives birth to a child with a different skin tone – See Pics

***MANDATORY BYLINE***PIC FROM Patience Chando / Caters News – (PICTURED:Patience and Andrea ) – A black mother who gave birth to a white, blue-eyed daughter has told of her bewilderment and said she cant go out in public without being stopped. Patience Chando, 36, who is of Zimbabwean heritage, and her German partner Andreas Spillea, 49, welcomed four-month old Andrea Mariella into the world in April. The former office worker thought her daughters creamy complexion would change, since her two other daughters 15-year-old Faith and 17-year-old Lucricia – inherited her skin tone. SEE CATERS COPY

A black mother-of-three has given birth to a child with a different skin tone, leaving her astonished and perplexed. Patience Chando, 36, of Zimbabwean heritage, and her white German partner Andreas Spillea, 49, welcomed their four-month-old baby Andrea Mariella in April.

However, Andrea’s pale skin, red hair, and blue eyes have been causing quite a stir wherever they go in their hometown of Hanover, Germany. Patience had expected her daughter’s complexion to darken over time, just like her other daughters who inherited her own skin tone.

To her surprise, Andrea’s features continue to attract attention. Patience finds herself constantly questioned and stopped for photographs, struggling to come up with new responses. Doctors, too, have been taken aback and have even tested Andrea for a possible skin disorder.

Patience, having researched her family history, has found no evidence of white heritage. Geneticists have offered an explanation, suggesting that people of African descent can have traces of European ancestry, which may account for the striking contrast in Andrea’s skin tone. While children often resemble one parent more than the other, the complexity of genetic influences can result in unique outcomes.

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