Giant 16ft crocodile sneaks up on gazelle before ripping it in HALF with its jaws in Kenya

In a gripping encounter in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve, a colossal 16ft crocodile stealthily approached a unsuspecting gazelle before brutally tearing it apart using its powerful jaws.

The dramatic incident unfolded as the thirsty gazelle ventured into a river to drink, unaware of the lurking danger. Waiting patiently, the predator seized the opportunity and swiftly snatched the female gazelle by its leg, dragging it beneath the water’s surface. Determined to secure its meal, the crocodile drowned the struggling prey before hauling it closer to the shore.

However, to its surprise, the crocodile realized that the Thompson’s gazelle was too large to swallow whole. Undeterred, the predator employed its formidable jaws to break the antelope into two pieces, ensuring it could consume its prize.

Captivating images vividly capture the intense moment when the crocodile launched its ferocious attack, ultimately tearing the gazelle in half with its powerful jaws.

Wildlife photographer Jeffrey Wu, hailing from Toronto, Canada, happened to be in Kenya at the time and witnessed the shocking encounter. Recounting the event, Mr. Wu said, “I was leading a photographic tour in Kenya and Botswana, and we were waiting on the shore of the Mala River, hoping to capture the wildebeest crossing. Gazelles often traverse the Mala River during migration season as they follow the rain for fresh grass.”

He continued, “Despite the threat of crocodiles, that afternoon, a thirsty gazelle seemed oblivious to the presence of predators. It dashed straight into the shallow water, with the rest of the small herd, comprising about 12 gazelles, following suit.”

Unfortunately, their crossing was intercepted by a group of crocodiles. Out of the twelve gazelles, four fell victim to the attack by five massive crocs. The captured images depict one of these harrowing moments.

Mr. Wu further explained, “The crocodile closest to the gazelle snatched it by the leg, dragging it underwater for approximately 7 to 8 minutes until it drowned. Subsequently, the crocodile transported the lifeless body across the river to the shore. It then proceeded to bite into the middle of the gazelle, lifting it up and forcefully slapping it against the water repeatedly until the body snapped in two. This entire process took about 15 seconds.”

The gruesome spectacle concluded with the crocodile swiftly swallowing both halves of the gazelle in just two impressive gulps, satisfied with its hard-earned feast.

As the remaining gazelles watched from the safety of the shore, they learned a valuable lesson about the perilous nature of crossing the river. Their tragic encounter with the crocodiles will likely make them more cautious in future attempts.

This unforgettable display of nature’s raw power serves as a reminder of the harsh realities of the animal kingdom, where survival often hinges on split-second decisions and unforgiving predator-prey dynamics.

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Au Gia Lam