Ford F-250 Quadrually on 54-Inch Tires Getting a Forced Carolina Squat Is Redneck Engineering 101

The Carolina Squat, a controversial truck modification that involves lifting the front and lowering the rear, has been a hot topic this year, with several states even outlawing the practice due to safety concerns. However, an extreme case of the Carolina Squat has recently surfaced, involving a Ford F-250 quadrually. This unique truck modification pushes the boundaries of redneck engineering.

Dually trucks, commonly seen on the roads, feature two wheels on each side to support heavy loads and towing. However, the Ford F-250 quadrually takes it to the next level by adding four wheels on each side, earning it the quadrually label.

What sets this truck apart are the monstrous 54-inch tires wrapped around incredibly rugged wheels. These massive tires easily overshadow the comparatively modest 38-inch tires at the front.

The wheels and tires used for this build were sourced from an Oshkosh HET (Heavy Equipment Transporter), a vehicle known for hauling massive loads like M1 Abrams tanks. In fact, one creative individual even repurposed a retired tank by placing a Chevy C10 cab on top of it.

The mastermind behind this audacious build is Hunter Goodrich, a mechanic and YouTuber. As a mechanical engineer dropout and an engineer/mechanic at Sparks Motors, Hunter took inspiration from the HET and executed the modifications on the 1980s Ford F-250. Sparks Motors, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, is owned by Dave Sparks, also known as HeavyDSparks on YouTube.

To accommodate the wider quadrually setup, Hunter decided to narrow the frame of the seventh-generation F-Series truck. This adjustment allowed the inner tires to sit as close to the center of the vehicle as possible.

While the end result may seem like an amusing disaster waiting to happen, the enthusiasts predicted various challenges for the first and likely final outing of this creation. The original fuel tanks within the frame were removed and replaced with a two-gallon canister in the engine bay.

After some skilled welding and serious fabrication, including joining the wheels together for maximum traction, the Ford F-250 quadrually was ready to tackle off-road adventures in true redneck engineering fashion.

To capture the spectacle, the contraption was transported on a trailer rather than being driven out of the city under its own power. The massive rear axle was attached to the rest of the vehicle on-site using an army surplus truck.

While one might feel sorry for the abuse inflicted on this Ford, it appears that the goal was to push its neglected engine to the limit, with the frame being deemed expendable (excluding the cab).

Unfortunately, Hunter’s goal was not entirely achieved. The frame gave in first, leaving the diesel motor running before the immense forces involved in the brief off-roading session could finish it off.

Nevertheless, with the welded frame failing naturally and possibly with some assistance from the army truck, the rear end of the F-250 eventually kissed the ground, leaving the rest of the machine pointing towards the sky. If this isn’t the most extreme Carolina Squat you’ve ever seen, we’d love to hear about it.

The Ford F-250 Quadrually on 54-Inch Tires showcases a remarkable example of redneck engineering. While the project may have fallen short of its intended outcome, it undoubtedly made an unforgettable impression and added to the lore surrounding the Carolina Squat phenomenon.



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