Let’s find out about Thailand’s Peaceful Zen Modern Hotel

Architect firm Inly Studio have expertly created a peaceful modern home design that complements both the hot and rainy climate of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Measuring 650 square metres, this impressive modern property features not just one, but three zen courtyards. The outdoor areas are bordered by sheltered walkways that shield from sun and rain. Wood slatted panels from the roofline prevent direct sunlight from overheating interior spaces, and edge to edge patio doors open up the rooms to the welcoming gardens. Ancient trees add majesty to the courtyards whilst contemporary interior spaces are decorated with minimal furniture. Wood tone warms monochrome decor and continues the beauty of nature within the home.

The first of three peacefully zen courtyard designs instantly communicates this Thai home’s wonderfully restful soul.

A spectacular ancient tree brings a piece of natural history to the ultra modern property.

A small pool design stretches cool blue waters alongside the gnarled tree trunk. The still surface seems to mirror the clear blue sky above.

There is a built up deck around the outskirts of the picturesque courtyard, which provides an outdoor walkway between the rooms of the home. The deck also doubles as a garden bench where the homeowners can stop for a while and take in the revitalising green view.

A path of rugged steppingstones winds across the pebbled floor of the second courtyard design, bringing footsteps right up by another enchanting tree.

Patio doors adjoin indoor areas with the outdoor space, creating an easy harmonious flow.

The interior volume that divides the two tranquil courtyards is a zen inspired design. The horsetail grass gives a modern feel to the outdoor landscape.

A Thai dining set, with traditional low table and a pair of floor chairs, is situated to benefit from the through breeze entering three aspects of glazed doors.

The triple aspect windows give the room an open outdoor feel.

White concrete architecture builds a modern minimalist aesthetic, which complements the zen gardens.

Black roof overhangs contrast darkly against the white exterior walls, emphasising and sharpening architectural line.

An outdoor bench is set upon the terrace that links the two courtyards, creating a relaxing spot for reading, quiet contemplation, or gathering.

The entire outdoor area presents as one space thanks to the glass wall design of the traditional dining/tea room.

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Be Hieu