How To Make This Cute Easter Peeps Race Car Treat

Easter is just about here and this Peeps Race Car Treat is a tasty treat you and the kids could make together during break!
This Easter Peeps Race Car treat is also fun to make for a gathering of neighborhood kids and friends to celebrate Easter, or even a spring birthday party.

The best part is they’re no-bake and have lots of little parts for everyone to assemble, race on the kitchen table, and then take apart the car to eat and enjoy.

What else could we use for the bunny race car wheels?
There are so many good candies and cookies to use for the wheels of the race car. We chose the licorice pull ‘n peel because they were unique and added some extra creativity into the car details. Some other wheel ideas are really anything round and something that will fit on the Twinkie. These include, Shock Tarts, mini chocolate Oreos, mini golden Oreos, Bottle Caps, Rolos, Nutter Butter bites, Sweet Tarts, Smarties, Whoppers, and marshmallows.

Can you make other substitutions to this Easter Treat?
We could have absolutely used the red pull ‘n peel licorice as well, but chose the green for spring. I’ve seen both rainbow pull ‘n peel and black licorice pull ‘n peel in the past at the store, which would have been just as cute, but wasn’t able to find either this time.

Staying with the spring-colored theme, there are several options for the headlights on the front of the car. We used candy buttons, but pastel mini M&M candies would work well, or even pastel or white Sixlets candy. We used all the colors of the marshmallow Peeps, mostly because why not?!

There are also both vanilla and chocolate coated pretzels at the grocery store and you could even dip your own in colored candy melts, chocolate or almond bark, and add your own sprinkles if you want to fancy up the steering wheel.

How do you make Peeps Race Cars?
Unwrap all of the Twinkie cars you’re going to make. In the assembly process, we started with the wheels because they took the most time to roll and adding the peeps bunny and steering wheel pretzel at the end was the final touch just before eating.


– Peeps Marshmallow Bunnies
– Pretzels
– Candy Buttons
– Pull’ n Peel Licorice
– Frostig


Unwrap all of the Twinkie cars you’re going to make.
Cut a 1″ wide box out of the middle of the twinkie, not cutting all the way through but a seat for the bunny peep and pretzel wheel. Don’t cut too far down or the seat won’t be able to support the bunny and the Twinkie will fall apart.

Separate the green watermelon Twizzlers pull ‘n peel from the red, layering just enough to have 4 wheels for each car you’re making. Lay all the final licorice in a pile, fold over to match the ends and then cut in the middle.
Each wheel will be half of a full licorice peel. They don’t have to be perfectly cut or sized as you can always trim the end.
Start with one peel, roll from the inside out and squeeze final end to the roll while flattening with your fingers.
With a toothpick, add a small amount of vanilla frosting in the middle of the wheel and press onto one side of the Twinkie, then repeat for the other 3

The best part, there’s no right or wrong way to assemble and add the details to your bunny car. Feel free to have all of the parts accessible and the kids can choose to make the car in whichever order they’d like.

…and you’re off to the races!! The kids will absolutely love making this extra special bunny treat, especially the eating of them, as the car parts are yummy as well!

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