Parents abandon newborn baby after discovering third leg.

In a heart-wrenching incident that took place in Hebei province, northern China, a baby named Wang Jiaqian was born with a middle leg. Overwhelmed by panic, her parents made the unfortunate decision to leave her at an orphanage. However, consumed by guilt, the mother soon returned to retrieve Wang Jiaqian.

Wang Jiaqian’s mother was at a loss to explain the presence of this peculiar additional limb. She expressed, “Immediately after birth, my baby’s genital area appeared abnormal. It was a swollen mass of flesh the size of a hand, which quickly developed into another leg.”

Currently, Wang Jiaqian’s parents are seeking assistance from donors to raise funds for the surgery required to remove the third leg. Their hope is to provide baby Wang Jiaqian with a chance at a normal life.

A similar tragic incident occurred in Shishan town, Nana city, China, in February of the previous year when a baby girl was also abandoned due to being born with an extra leg.

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Be Tien