Shirokai Dodge Charger “Pink Flamingo” Flexes Widebody on Tiffany Blue Wheels

When I come across a car adorned in hot pink or turquoise, it immediately brings to mind the nostalgic charm of the 1950s. These delightful colors have become ingrained in pop culture, thanks to retro diners and candy-colored Bel Airs. However, seeing a Dodge Charger Hellcat in such vibrant hues may seem unconventional at first glance, but that’s precisely what makes it special.

During the 1950s, Detroit reigned as the hub of automobile manufacturing, and even Dodge embraced pink as an official color for their vehicles, offering it on the Royal Lancer. This rear-wheel-drive V8 sedan epitomized the essence of the American automotive scene during that era. While there were coupes and convertibles, sedans still dominated the market as the preferred choice for families. Before pickups and SUVs took center stage in the automotive industry, Dodge placed a significant focus on producing V8 sedans.

The iconic muscle cars of the 1960s drew inspiration from the success of their family sedan counterparts. Although models like the Caprice and Impala have faded away, the Dodge Charger has persisted and thrived. Similarly, the Challenger remains the sole boxy muscle car available on the market. Thus, if you’re seeking a fun American sedan, Dodge is pretty much your only choice.

Most Charger owners opt for minor modifications, as evidenced by numerous proud displays on Reddit boards. There’s a wide range of customizations available, but I personally find the Charger Scat Pack Widebody appealing due to its affordability compared to the Hellcat or Redeye variants.

However, while Dodge’s factory-fitted flared fenders are undoubtedly cool, the possibilities presented by aftermarket parts are truly captivating. Among the various kits available, my favorite is the one offered by a company called Shirokai, which specializes in delivering over-the-top JDM-style makeovers.

Although this Charger may resemble a vintage fridge or a retro diner, it could very well possess a JDM-themed inspiration. If you’re curious about that aspect, feel free to inquire with the owner, Shon Gaiters (@freshshon81). Interestingly, both hot pink and Tiffany blue are commonly seen in the JDM scene, particularly on older Evos, 350Zs, and similar vehicles.

Let’s delve into the Shirokai Charger customization. The car’s stance is enhanced by an air suspension system, providing an appealing look. Additionally, the Brembo brakes have been painted in pearl white. The exhaust system does not appear stock, and since this is a genuine Hellcat, there’s certainly no shortage of power.

This widebody package from Shirokai is designed to fit all Chargers manufactured from 2015 to the present. It adds an extra 80mm on each side at the front and 110mm at the rear. Priced at $6,500, the package includes front fenders, rear quarters, rear door overlays, rocker panels, and a trunk spoiler.

Please note that the installation cost and shipping fees, totaling approximately $1,000, are not included in this price. Moreover, if you wish to accommodate those striking wheels, some cutting into the car’s structure is necessary. Considering these factors, along with the clean air suspension installation and the cost of the wheels, this Charger easily reaches the $100,000 mark.

“Dodge Charger Shirokai Widebody Kit, for those brave enough to embrace a distinctive style and enhanced functionality. With more wheel space, increased grip, improved traction, and undeniable visual appeal, this conversion will make you the center of attention at any show. Prepare for the best spots, the admiration of others, and even the envy

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