Special birth photographs: The Faces of Babies When They Are Born.

Alessandra Corveloni, a talented birth photographer, captures the precious moments of newborns right after delivery. In recent years, there has been a growing trend among parents to have professional photographers present during childbirth in order to document these memorable occasions. These photographers accompany the mothers throughout the entire labor process, capturing the anticipation, fear, the moment of birth, and the subsequent happiness and excitement.

Alessandra Corveloni, who is not only a skilled photographer but also a mother herself, possesses extensive experience in this field. She has attended numerous births and showcases breathtaking photographs on her Instagram profile. Her portfolio predominantly consists of black-and-white images, with a particular focus on capturing the expressions and faces of newborns at the moment of their arrival.

The striking feature of Alessandra’s photos is their ability to present the moment without any filters, capturing it in its raw and authentic form. We have selected some of our favorite photographs in the gallery below.

One image portrays a newborn as they emerge from their mother’s womb, while another captures the baby’s first cry, evoking a powerful emotional response. Alessandra Corveloni has shared these snapshots and more on her Instagram account.

The black-and-white aesthetic adds a special atmosphere to the photographs, enhancing the overall impact. Equally captivating are the images depicting parents embracing their newborns. These photos convey emotions of love, relief, and joy, preserving these sentiments for a lifetime.

Alessandra resides and operates in Portugal and has received multiple accolades for her outstanding work. On Instagram, she has amassed a following of 8,000 photographer enthusiasts, with each of her posts garnering hundreds of likes.

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