Staying at home to take care of children is “relaxed and happy”!!!

For generations, people have always assumed that mothers staying at home to take care of their children are leisurely and happy, not having to worry about going to work to earn a living. The definition of childcare work in everyone’s eyes is very simple, nothing is as hard as 8 hours of sitting at the office, at the beginning of the week, meeting, at the end of the week to report work, in the morning to on time to do fingerprints, and in the afternoon it is impossible. come back soon. Even us women, when we know that someone, friend or neighbor “can” stay at home to take care of children, we will be amazed.

In the eyes of everyone, including husbands, of course, taking care of children is hugging them all day. Those children who can’t walk yet, cute and plump hands and feet, people who smell like milk, hug all day, nothing is happier and more leisurely.

So leisurely and happy so if:

– At home taking care of children, but her husband texted or called and did not answer immediately, she would be asked “I don’t know what to do but don’t answer the phone?”.


When the baby is in the newborn stage, people will say “this level is not yet over, now it is all sleeping and nursing, mom is free to lie down and play”. But they don’t know how many times a day the newborn baby defecates and urinates and the mother when the child sleeps, she still has to take advantage of washing, cooking, and cleaning the house. Then there are many problems that the mother has to manage alone such as vomiting, constipation, sneezing, runny nose, heat rash, suddenly stopped breastfeeding, suddenly sleeping day and night…

Taking care of children is breastfeeding, feeding, cleaning, bathing, playing with children, holding them when they want, talking to them when they need them, staying up at night with them when they don’t want to sleep.

Taking care of children is also cleaning the house, taking care of children is always happy and mentally comfortable to have enough milk for them.

Taking care of children is bathing, personal hygiene quickly, and getting up like a spring when you hear your baby crying and gurgling in your ear. Taking care of a child is a dreamy sleep, telling myself not to sleep deeply, waking up to breastfeed, also seeing if the child sweats, and having to cover the child in case she is cold.

– If you stay at home to take care of children, but leave the house messy and forget to put the clothes in the washing machine, you will be asked “What do you do all day to leave the house like this?”.
– If you stay at home to take care of your children, but your hair is messy and your clothes are sloppy, you will be told that you “don’t know how to take care of yourself, don’t know how to arrange your time”.
– At home taking care of children, but at the end of the day, when her husband is upset and irritable, she will be scolded “husband comes home from work tired and can’t ask for a word”.
– Stay at home to take care of sick or sick children, it’s all your mother’s fault. Other people look okay no matter how their mother looks like: “I can’t even take care of the children at home”.
– Having no money at home is called a parasite. Lazy to do
What is the specific job of taking care of children that everyone says is so leisurely?
What specific jobs does childcare or childcare involve? But everyone admires and admires because it is leisure, because it is happy. Yes, we are very happy! Taking care of children is a combination of many jobs that everyone says are easy and trivial.

Try spending 8 hours at work and 8 hours at home looking after the kids, see which time goes by faster. And yet, at night, the husbands can sleep fully, but if the children cry, they will also cover them with blankets so that sleep will not be affected. A mother and a child kept hugging and playing together until morning.


When the baby reaches the age of weaning, the hardest job a mother has to do is to find a method of eating that is right for her baby. But in fact, this job is not as difficult as having to stand up for opinions against the advice of people around. If the baby is chubby, it’s okay, if you “whistle” even though it’s agile, you’ll be scolded anyway, “even if it’s not enough to feed it”, “let you whistle like that”, “” What kind of child care is that?”
By the time the child can walk, switch to eating, and talk more, the mother has to take care of how to teach the child, how to deal with the crisis of the child. At that time, when I did not obey, yes, yes, to the adults, if I was stubborn, stubborn, naughty, I also blamed it all on the mother’s head, saying “I don’t know how to teach you”, “I am bad at you”.

If anyone wonders what his wife does at home, try spending a day at home taking care of the children full-time, if not, try staying up one night playing with the children, there will be an answer right away. Guaranteed that husbands will be afraid of “blue face”, would rather go to work than have to stay at home to play with their children. Once you understand, please don’t yell, compare or look down on mothers. They are really “superman”, not normal people!

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