The Argon GTL 915 iS may be the gyroplane that you never knew you needed.

Gyroplanes, also known as gyrocoptes, were previously bare-bones open-cockpit devices, but more extravagant, fully enclosed, high-performance types are now becoming more common. One of the newest models to hit the market, and undoubtedly one of the cheapest-looking, is the Agon GTL 915 iS.

               The Aгgon GTL 915 iS will cost buyeгs appгoximately $148,557 to $191,000 Manufaktuгa Lotnicza

First off, what exactly is a geoplane? It is a tiny aircraft with a powered propeller in the ea and a set of unpowered oto blades on top.

Ai travels through the propeller blades as the pilot pushes the aircraft forward, spinning and producing lift. It resembles a cross between a helicopte and a fixed-wing airplane in several ways.

Gyroplanes have several advantages, including being relatively simple to fly, being able to take off and land on their own, remaining stable even when traveling at low speeds, and taking up little storage space due to their small size and basically wingless design.

The Aгgon GTL 915 iS takes off at a speed of 75 km/h (47 mph) Manufaktuгa Lotnicza

The two-seat Agon GTL 915 iS was constructed by the Polish association firm Manufaktua Lotnicza and features a glass fiber composite hull, a 141 horsepower Rotax engine, a practical ceiling (maximum altitude) of 23,000 feet (7,010 m), and a cruising speed of 180 km/h (112 mph). It runs on either regular or ethanol-based gasoline, with 120 liters (32 gal) stored in two connected 60-liter fuel tanks.

External tanks are an optional, angular-boosting addition that can be installed. Depending on how much weight it is carrying, the aircraft burns gas at a rate of 18 to 25 pounds per hour, according to a company executive. Therefore, it could theoretically fly for up to six hours on a single fill.

Speaking of weight, the Agon is rumored to weigh 305 kg (672 lb) and has a carrying capacity of 295 kg (650 lb) for passengers and cargo. According to claims, its luggage capacity is large enough to hold stuff like golf clubs, skis, foldable bikes, or full-size suitcases.

Piloting the Aгgon GTL 915 iS is made a bit easieг by an included Gaгmin GX3 3-axis autopilot Manufaktuгa Lotnicza

Individuals can purchase the Agon GTL 915 iS online through the business website. We were informed that prices ranged from 140,000 to 180,000 euros (about US$148,557 to $191,000), depending on configuration.

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