The Manta Ray-shaped Armoured Submarine Kronos is unveiled by Highland Systems

The manta ray-shaped submarine Kronos was unveiled by the Emirati start-up Desert Power Designs/Highland Systems in a live demonstration at the NAVDEX naval area. The business claims that its craft’s hydrodynamic hull offers it great surface and submerged speeds. During the IDEX 2023 trade event, which took place in Abu Dhabi from February 20 to 24, two underwater special-mission craft were unveiled. A “dynamic dive at high speed” or more traditionally filling its ballast tanks are the two ways the Kronos can submerge. A special display is slated for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Navy in the coming two weeks, and more testing are anticipated to take place in Italy later this year. The Kronos has been undergoing sea trials for the previous two months.

Kronos which is shaped like a manta ray and is capable of launching mini torpedoes or Unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs). Designed for military, research, rescue, and underwater engineering purposes, the Kronos is 9.03 m long, 7.43 m wide, and 2.09 m high, enabling it to carry 11 people, including the pilot. Additional features can include 360° night-vision cameras, a sonar system, six lightweight torpedoes, and a lock-out chamber that enables divers to leave the craft without flooding the cabin. It has a diesel engine that gives it a top speed of 43 kt on the surface and a 1,200 hp electric motor for a submerged top speed of 27 kt, which says it is designed to operate at a depth of 100 m, with 250 m listed as its critical depth, and that its batteries last for up to 18 hours.

The highly improved hydrodynamic design of this armored submersible provides excellent performance, exceptional efficiency, and much lower energy costs when submerged. It is a submarine with room for an eleven-person crew that Highland Systems’ highly qualified design, research, and development team created. This hybrid ship, which combines electric and diesel propulsion, can be used for a range of functions, including warfare and rescue missions. The submarine has a cutting-edge hull design that dramatically lowers fuel consumption, boosts top speed, and offers exceptional surface stability. The construction of submarines around the world will now be based on an entirely new idea.

Highland Systems is a research and development and project management firm that focuses on the creation and introduction of cutting-edge technologies into the manufacturing process. The company has R&D capabilities that cover all facets of innovation and holds multiple international patents and Intellectual rights. With R&D skills embracing all facets of innovation, unmatched technical competence, and cutting-edge technology, Highland Systems is the holder of multiple international patents and intellectual property rights. The business specializes in incorporating cutting-edge technology into products and uses them to improve and support manufacturing capacities, boosting the effectiveness and performance of the finished goods. For military and security uses, the business designs specialized wheeled and amphibious combat vehicles.

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