The strangeness of “Treasure Mountain” A one billion-year-old mine in Russia contains gold, platinum, and valuable stones.

The “treasure Mountain” is rich in precious metal ores like gold, platinum, and other precious metals as a result of thousands of years of geological erosion and movement.
According to Sieriaites, the Kodyor Massif has a lot of valuable land. About 4 tons of plati are mined here annually.

The Kodyor Massif is situated in the remote Khaarosky region of Russia, 570 kilometers southeast of Yaktsk and 600 kilometers southwest of the Sea of Okhotsk. This geological feature is almost seven times larger than a meteor crater in Arizoa, USA, with a diameter of 8 km and a height of 600 m.

An photograph from a NASA satellite shows the Kodyor Massif.

From a distance, the Kodyor Massif appears to be an impact crater or an escarpment caused by a meteorite. Yet, according to scientists, the reason for the massif’s unique shape is molten magma from a prehistoric rock that crystallized below the ground more than a thousand years ago, forming a perfect circle.

Massifs are low-lying areas of erosion. The Kodyor Massif is the top surface edge of a column of granite that steadily sinks into the Earth’s crust and rests of a partially eroded dome. It is harder than the surrounding soil. A stream emanates from the center of the mastif and is replenished with water from the rimped sow. The mountain may radiate smaller strands that supply water to the Kodyor River on the north face.

These veins contain deposits of platinum in the form of crystals, beads, and ingots, as well as gold and various other valuable minerals. Several crystals have rounded edges while others have extremely sharp edges. In particular, the Kodyor Massif is the place to find the world’s most exceptional and high-quality gold-plated platin crystals. The amount of platium really discussed here ranges from p to 4 tos. As a result, Kodyor Massif is often referred to as “treasure mountain”.

Therefore, little strands radiating from the crust of the earth’s crust deposit crystals, ingots, and gold with several other precious metals and pricey gemstones. They are regarded as the “best edibles” in the entire globe. In particular, this treasure house has a unique mineral called Koderite, which is only found in this location and is a mixture of copper, platinum, rhodium, lead, and silver.

According to Sieria Times, the Kodyor Massif first appeared in 1984. Moreover, this masif’s platimic crystals made their debut in 1993 at the Tcso Gem & Mineral Show in the United States. Typically, just 4 tons of platy are mined here annually.

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