“There’s a baby in the TRASH,” a 22-year-old man’s story of becoming a single father.


“There is a baby in the TRASH”: The story of a 22-year-old joven who became a single father.

At the age of 22, Jimmy’s life is completely transformed overnight when he finds an abandoned 4-month-old baby. And what at first seemed like a challenging journey turned into a valuable gift and a lesson in life. Jimmy learns to never underestimate his strength and determination because when life presents us with difficult decisions, he also gives us the strength to overcome them and thrive.

We are deeply moved and inspired by Jimmy’s unconditional love and devotion. And in the gallery we want to share the story of a child whose destiny changed completely thanks to the enormous heart of a joven.
We think that stories like this only happen in the movies, but Jimmy really vived it. It all began when the joven, who at that moment was studying in the United States, returned to Haiti to visit him at Navidad. On New Year’s Eve, he “visited the orphanage where he worked to bring presents to the little children there. He did not know that soon his destiny would change.

While walking towards the orphanage, he heard loud voices coming from a group of people. He approached and when he asked what had happened, a woman said: “There is a baby in the basura!”. As he approached the scene of the accident, he “saw a child crying on top of a large pile of trash.” The baby had no clothes and the fire ants crawled all over his little body.
The local crowd did nothing to help the baby, thinking that he might be cursed. He whispers things like: ”I’m not going to touch that baby. I don’t know who put that baby there.

Jimmy’s heart skipped a beat and his eyes filled with tears as he saw it. He is willing to do anything to get the innocent baby out of this situation immediately. Then, almost instinctively, he ran to the rescue, picked up the child and went directly to his mother’s house to clean, stretch and feed the crying child.
The next day hevan to the hospital and they treat the ant bites and allergic reactions of the baby. With no mother, father, or relative to drive him home, Jimmy took the necessary legal steps to protect the boy and became his legal guardian.

The joven spends many sleepless nights wondering what to do now that life has presented him with this dilemma that will change his life. He never expected that he would face such a situation. After all, he was just a student visiting his family for a few days, not ready to be a father. At the same time, however, his inner voice tells him that fate has connected him to this holiday for a reason.
In the end, Jimmy decides to summon up the courage to stand up and face the situation with determination. I was not going to abandon this innocent soul. He named it Emilio angel and carried it forever in his heart.

However, the student’s future is already filled with uncertainty and confusion. He has no idea how he will take care of a small child and how he will raise him, but he is determined to do it at all costs. Know that his path will be guided and every step he takes will be illuminated during this challenging journey.
And that is exactly what happens. Every time he has to go back to school in the United States, his family takes care of Emilio. His friends provide clothing, monetary donations and prayers. Jimmy and Emilio are surrounded by love and are lucky to have the full support of their loved ones.
But despite receiving support, Jimmy still faced financial difficulties. After all, it’s not easy raising a child when you’re still in school and trying to figure out your life. So he decides to quit school and take care of the baby full time.

Today, Jimmy is a dedicated father and he wouldn’t trade his life with Emilio for the world. This path has taught him not to expect anything from the future and to be prepared to face the challenges of life at any moment and with open arms.
Jimmy’s unique experience has also taught him that sometimes the universe disguises conditions as challenges from him. And only when we decide to accept them do we realize that they are actually a gift.
Every time life gets hard and especially hard, Jimmy remembers this quote: “Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom may not be something you do, but someone you raise.” And this gives him all the strength he needs to continue this marvelous journey.

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