To My Brave and Resilient Son: A Lifelong Wish for Strength and Joy

My dearest son, you are my most adorable, resilient, and brave boy. Your spirit shines brightly, and I am endlessly proud of the courage and strength you display every day. Always remain steadfast, walking confidently on your own two feet, embracing the world with determination and grace.

May you be blessed with good health, so you can dive into the vast ocean of love that awaits you. Let your heart swim freely, explore the depths of compassion and connection, knowing that you are surrounded by boundless affection and support. Your journey is just beginning, and the love that surrounds you will be your constant companion.

Fly high in the sky of happiness, my son. Let your dreams take flight, soaring to heights beyond your wildest imagination. Embrace the joy that life has to offer, and let it lift you up, filling your days with laughter and delight. The sky is not the limit; it is just the beginning of your endless journey.

Be healthy and peaceful throughout your lifetime. Your well-being is the foundation upon which all your dreams and aspirations will be built. Cherish your health, nurture it, and let it empower you to live a life full of adventure, purpose, and joy.

As you grow and explore, remember that you are loved deeply and unconditionally. You have the strength to overcome any challenge, the resilience to bounce back from any setbacks, and the bravery to face any fear. Your journey is yours to shape, and I have no doubt that you will create a beautiful and fulfilling life.

My brave and resilient boy, step forward with confidence. Embrace the world with an open heart, knowing that you are supported by love and guided by wisdom. Be healthy, be happy, and let peace be your constant companion throughout your life. Your future is as bright as the sun, and I am here to cheer you on every step of the way.

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Be Tien