World’s Biggest Cargo Aircraft Damaged in Ukraine, According to Pictures

Following Russia’s invasion of the neighboring Ukraine, new photographs show the destruction of the Antonov An-225, which once held the record for largest cargo plane in the world.

The aircraft was the longest and heaviest operational plane in the world, measuring 84 meters in length and weighing 175 metric tons without fuel and cargo. It could carry 640 tons at its maximum takeoff weight. Aviation aficionados flocked to airports in droves to observe the plane’s planned arrivals and departures since it was so well-liked. Also, it served as a representation of Ukrainian pride.

The unusual aircraft was destroyed when Russian missiles struck the Hostomel Airport outside of Kiev. The aircraft completed its first flight in 1988. On or around February 27, 2022, it was destroyed.

On April 2, after a significant Russian withdrawal along the Kyiv axis, Ukrainian forces took back control of the airfield. What will happen to the debris now is unknown.

The huge plane had six turbofan jet engines and a cruise speed of 800km/h

It was previously used to transport military vehicles

The aircraft was destroyed in its hangar at the Hostomel Airfield, near Kyiv


Russian shelling obliterated the plane


In 1988 it was used as part of the Soviet space shuttle program


The Antonov used to receive many parts from Russian suppliers


Boeing stepped in when the supply chain dried up in 2014 after Moscow annexed Crimea


The aircraft’s 88.4-meter wingspan was also the largest wingspan of any aircraft in operational service


The number ‘225’ can still be seen on the nose of the wrecked plane


Tanks surrounding the aircraft following its destruction

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