You are among the best! Mother of Lahore brings light to sextillizos despite wind and sea

A woman in Lahore, Pakistan, gave birth to six children despite all odds.

Sajida Qasim gave birth to a baby boy on the hospital grounds on October 27 after medical personnel allegedly refused to admit her to Dera Ghazi Khan University Hospital.

She gave birth to four more girls and a boy after being admitted. Unfortunately, one of the females ss. The five és were transferred to Children’s Hospital’s infirmary ward, where they are currently receiving treatment. Doctors are unsure if they will survive due to their low birth weight.

The woman’s mother-in-law stated that after her pregnant daughter-in-law went into labor, she took her to the hospital. Instead of admitting her, her staff and doctors have requested that she bring her admission slip and Sajida’s ultrasound report with her.

“My daughter-in-law had s, and despite my efforts to admit her, the hospital staff refused to do so,” he told the press. “You had no choice but to lay her on the hospital floor where she gave birth to an eé surrounded by people,” she added.

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