30 Beautiful “Little Home” Designs Amidst the Greenery for Your Retreat

Nature and humanity are inextricably linked. Man needs nature to survive, but nature can exist without him. Greenery has a renewing effect on the senses and the soul that it could almost be considered soul food. When you are in a green environment, you feel better right away.

Unbeknownst to many, plants have a remarkable filtering system, and with the rise in pollution, it is very advantageous to have them growing nearby.

These tenacious plants are constantly filtering the air in your environment of several hazardous chemicals found in household cleansers, sprays, and exhaust fumes.

Generally speaking, being around greenery is really relaxing. It goes without saying that going to the park or taking a walk in the garden leads to lower cortisol levels.

Living in close proximity to green spaces is also known to improve the quality of sleep. Urban residents who live close to green spaces sleep better, whether it’s because of indoor plants or outside greenery.


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Be Hieu