Mother Breastfeeding Twins: ‘It’s A Lot Of Work! I Won’t Do It’

‘It’s a lot of work!’ says Ashley Graham of breastfeeding twins. I’m not going to do it.’

Ashley Graham is a well-known model and public figure. She made it her mission to spread the message of body positivity after becoming the first plus-size model. Graham, who keeps it real in all aspects of her life, has also made no secret of her entire pregnancy, demonstrating what it takes to be a mother.

Ashley Graham is the mother of a son and twins. She is emphatic in her message that, regardless of societal expectations, every mother has the right to choose whether breastfeeding is right for her.

Graham recently spoke candidly about the aftereffects of pregnancy, which every woman experiences but rarely discusses. The model stated that she considered keeping some things to herself as well. “How your body changes when you’re pregnant, and the stretch marks and loose skin, the formula, the breastfeeding,” she explains. Graham also considers how others advise you to feed your child.

Ashley also discussed her breastfeeding experience: “With my first child, I was like, ‘I can only breastfeed!'” This is the correct method!”

“Then I had the twins, and I was like, ‘I’m not going to do that. This isn’t going to work. Do you desire both? It takes a lot of effort. So, when they were 5 months old, I stopped breastfeeding and gave them the best formula I could find. I was able to locate… “And these little guys are so strong and happy,” Graham says.


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