After seeing his family, a shelter dog has the best reaction He’d thought he’d lost them forever.

As a staff member at a shelter arrived at work one morning, he saw a miserable dog chained to a fence. The savior immediately took the dog inside without second thought. The dog, however, was quite terrified because he was unaware that he had been saved.

According to a volunteer, the dog was extremely frightened, especially when he encountered new people. Yet, he began to settle down when he encountered another dog or received treats.

The dog began to adjust to his new life after a few days. Also, the staff at the shelter had been working hard to place him with a wonderful home.

Nevertheless, after spending so much time searching, they discovered that the dog already has a family who had been searching for him ever since he had been taken from them.

The family was overjoyed to learn that their lost pet had been found. Luckily, the dog was reunited with his family at last, and he was so overjoyed to see them! Quite the reunion! See the video down below.

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