Firefighters assisted a dog mother in saving her puppies.


Dogs are amazing creatures that never cease to amaze us, and this time a brave dog asked for the firefighters’ assistance to rescue her puppies that were stuck inside a drainage channel. an excerpt from

The homeless dog received help from Turkish firefighters when she saved her puppies after they got stuck in a drainage canal in Turkey’s Antalya province on Saturday, June 7.

Erhan Erol, a resident, called the fire brigade after noticing eight puppies were trapped in a drainage channel on Kumbahçe beach near the resort town of Bodrum. According to the Daily News the pups were about to drown as the channel slowly filled with seawater.

Firefighters were able to stop the water from rising, but were unable to reach the eight cubs to free them because the space was too tight for them to climb through.

It was then that a firefighter noticed that the pups’ mother was nursing another pup under the balcony of a nearby building. The fireman saw that her puppy looked a lot like the other puppies in the drain, so he called her.

It was so with the last hope, they lowered the dog down the hole so that she could pick up the puppies and she did! One by one, she collected the puppies in her mouth and brought them to safety!

Surprised onlookers cheered each time the mother canine brought a pup to the surface. Within an hour, all the pups reunited with her mother and nursed next to her. As the mission unfolded, one resident said, referring to the dog, “this is real maternity.” And to think that many insensitive people despise and mistreat mongrel dogs in the streets.

Thanks to her great action that moved everyone, the dog is now being cared for by the neighbors who provide her with all the food she needs and in a while they will see how to give the puppies up for adoption.

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