Capture the moment when the mother is giving birth in the car by the side of the road!

The birth took place in a car, next to an apple orchard, while on the way to the hospital. It was early morning during the golden hour, with dew glistening on the grass. The father and older sibling were also present in the car, and everyone was filled with joy and remained calm as the baby arrived safely and swiftly.

Corinne started feeling the initial pains around three o’clock in the morning. By six o’clock, she had taken a shower, and everything seemed to be progressing smoothly. “I thought I had more time,” she recalled in an interview with the Daily Mail Australia. “After speaking with a doula over the phone, I quickly gathered my belongings, called my friend and birth photographer Breanna, woke up my husband and son, and we set off.”

However, they didn’t make it to the maternity ward. During the half-hour journey, Corinne’s labor progressed rapidly, forcing them to make an unexpected stop. She ended up giving birth right in the front seat of the car. “Suddenly, I felt a headache. I was shocked and taken by surprise. There was no time for anything. My husband immediately stopped, got out of the car, opened the door to give me more space, and then Matilda was born. I didn’t have time to move to the back seat, and I didn’t even realize at that moment that I was giving birth in the car.”

Photographer Breanna Gravener acted quickly and documented the entire event. “It all happened so fast that I missed the first photo of Matilda by a second before circling around the car,” she recollected. “It was completely natural; nobody was stressed, and we were all filled with happiness.”

Corinne’s husband then contacted the maternity hospital, and the entire team rushed there to provide medical care to both mother and daughter. “It was only after seeing the photos that I truly comprehended what had occurred and how calmly we handled it. The pictures are beautiful,” Corinne commended.

Breanna captured this incredible experience in a truly stunning manner. The chosen angles to tell this story were thoughtful and creative, the colors were vibrant, and the narrative was extraordinary.

Breanna later shared the photos of the “car birth” on, with Corinne’s permission, sparking a wave of reactions and congratulations. Many mothers who had also experienced similarly quick births came forward, agreeing that they were equally surprised by their intuitive behavior, the calmness they exhibited, and how smoothly everything unfolded. “I would never have believed childbirth could happen so rapidly if it hadn’t happened to me,” Corinne added.

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