That’s nearly all folks: Mickey Mouse becomes a millionaire but Sylvester’s a drunk! Artist imagines cartoon characters as elderly movie stars

Los Angeles-based artist and illustrator Andrew Tarusov has taken our beloved cartoon characters and reimagined them as elderly movie stars in a series of captivating drawings. By envisioning how these iconic personalities would age, Tarusov offers a unique perspective on their lives and fortunes. From the ups and downs of fame and success to the challenges of old age, these illustrations paint a vivid picture of our favorite childhood characters in their golden years.

In Tarusov’s drawings, the fortunes of the characters range from glamorous to tragic. The timeless duo of Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny, aged 77, are depicted as aging gracefully, with years treating them kindly. On the other hand, Goofy, lacking insurance, finds himself homeless, pushing a shopping cart and wearing a catheter bag. The disheveled Donald Duck, now using a zimmer frame, is seen smoking a cigarette, hinting at a less fortunate existence.

Tarusov’s imaginative interpretations offer a glimpse into the characters’ imagined life trajectories. Mickey Mouse, the iconic figure, has become a tycoon of the animation industry, amassing great wealth and success over the years. In contrast, Goofy’s lack of insurance has led to the loss of his home, plunging him into homelessness.

Donald Duck and Daisy Duck’s relationship takes a downturn in Tarusov’s vision, as Donald’s gambling habits lead to their separation. Tom and Jerry, known for their wild antics, bear the consequences of their reckless youth, as health problems catch up with them in old age. Sylvester, now 73, is depicted as a disheveled figure clutching a bottle concealed in a brown paper bag, while Tweety Bird stands on his arm.

Andrew Tarusov, a Moscow-born artist, draws inspiration from vintage style pin-ups and comics, and his creations often push boundaries. Prior to his elderly movie star series, Tarusov sparked controversy with his sultry pin-up depictions of Disney princesses, highlighting the subtle sexual innuendos prevalent in Disney movies.


Through his imaginative artwork, Andrew Tarusov allows us to witness the fictional lives of cartoon characters as they age, facing both triumphs and challenges. From the soaring success of Mickey Mouse to the tragic downfall of characters like Goofy, Tarusov’s illustrations provide a thought-provoking exploration of what our beloved childhood icons might experience in their later years. These imaginative interpretations breathe new life into the characters we grew up with, reminding us of the enduring power of art to provoke and captivate.


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